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2022 JCI Hong Kong

National Secretary General &

National Assigned Executive Officer

Ms. Susan Lai

Message from the

National Assigned Executive Officer

Once upon a time, there was a caterpillar who did not want to change.  She was happy with her life as a caterpillar where she could climb from one leaf to another, enjoying the sunshine on the big tree in the middle of forest and cleaning all her legs one by one. Until one day, she felt so unwell…that two wings grew on her back.  She was so afraid, frightened by the change that happened on her.  But a wise owl came and told her that she was born with a mission as a butterfly to help flowers spreading their next generation. 

This story illustrates how growth and change are linked to each other. Admit that we are now living in a world with changes happening around us all the time. We might be afraid of the changes, however this fear gives us nothing but stopping us from growth and breakthrough. 

“Igniting Growth” is the core theme of JCI Tsuen Wan in 2022. No matter which chapter you are from, in JCI, you are given the mission to develop future leaders, being a butterfly to carry pollen to flowers, so that our next generation could continue to create positive changes in society.  We, joining hands, are the butterflies that ignite growth around the JC garden, making flowers blossom. 

Embracing changes, adapting to changes, and making changes are no easy task. As the old saying goes, “With great power comes greater responsibility” – changes themselves have no good or bad meaning, but how are we going to make use of the two new wings that are gifted to us, would be a matter of choice from us. And I believe that with the leadership of President Man Fung, all members in JCI Tsuen Wan could “Be The Change” in 2022, “Igniting Growth” to our young generation in society, carrying on their greater responsibility to be the pioneer in connecting stakeholders from Government, business sectors and citizens and influencing the society and world.

May I take this chance to wish all readers a successful and fruitful year 2022 ahead! 

Susan Lai
2022 National Assigned Executive Officer
JCI Hong Kong

2022 National President Junior Chamber International Hong Kong