JCI Tsuen Wan’s Business Affairs Flagship Project

Outstanding Enterprise Heritage Selection 2022

JCI Hong Kong National President 國際青年商會香港總會會長 2022
Senator Karen Yeung 楊甘琳參議員

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Application Form 報名表

“Family business is the oldest and common model of economic organization.”

Alfredo De Massis; Pramodita Sharma; Jess H. Chua; James J. Chrisman (2012)

Outstanding Enterprise Heritage Selection (OEHS), previously named Outstanding Family Business selection (OFBS), has been one of the flagship projects organised by JCI Tsuen Wan since 2014 under one of our JC area, Business Affairs. The objective of the project aims to 

  • To give recognition to heritage business who achieved outstanding performance with management succession through generations
  • To encourage adoption of practical and effective planning or strategy to ensure successful succession of business by next generation
  • To encourage heritage business to develop future leaders for the benefit of not only the business itself, but also the related business field and the community as a whole
  • To inspire heritage business to introduce innovation and creative elements for the business

This year being the ninth year, we continued the spirit of the selection to commend enterprises with outstanding performance in Hong Kong.

In the past years, we selected no more than 10 winners each year to encourage new generation entrepreneurs with outstanding performance in Hong Kong, encourage business innovation, and build continuity and long-term management culture to win the prize.

Project Sponsors

Chief Sponsor 首席贊助

Dreams Lab, established in 2015, has the mission to inspire next generation, change makers and enterprises to shape global collaboration and social values creation. We are an innovative network accessible by all walks of life, that enable dream makers to innovate, experiment and develop own solutions to live up their pioneer projects. We allow our networking partners to share their unique intelligence and leading resources to maximize the impact. Dreams Lab is a place that offers related strategic solutions, learning opportunities, technology transformation and social impact analysis. Together we build a better world together.

Bronze Sponsor 卓越贊助

UAT is committed to the quality of products and services while achieving respectable projects for banking and finance, education, government, infrastructure and property, professional services, and retail. Our expertise in the audio visual industry ensures the successful integration of audio, video, data, control, and security.

Bronze Sponsor 卓越贊助

Topsoya was founded in 1958 and rooted at the foot of Hengtai Mountain in Yuen Long. It has focused on the soy product industry for more than 60 years and can be called a master of generation. We devote ourselves to the production of high-quality soybean products, and insist on making them fresh in Hong Kong every day, so that every family can enjoy the healthiest and freshest soybean products every day.

Sponsor 贊助

Platform Group 八方集團國際有限公司

Sponsor 贊助

Heritage Partner 大會傳承夥伴

Website: Curtain City Limited 窗簾城

Curtain City Limited

2021 Outstanding Family Business Award

Supported by our customer over 20 years, Curtain City had been always devoted for collection various exclusive fabric, blinds, electronic system, modern furniture for all Hong Kong people. Our professional designer will design a perfect and comfortable style for your own an intelligence household with science and technology esthetics design. We have newly intelligence household system and electric serial in popular price for our customer.

Website: Joinmax (H.K.) Ltd. 中大中鳴香港有限公司

Joinmax (H.K.) Ltd.

2020 Outstanding Family Business Award

Joinmax HK Group was established back in 1991. Through Joint-Venture with Sun Yat Sen University, one of the top ten Universities in Guangzhou China, Joinmax became seriously involved in LED Technology and lighting with the backing of a very strong R&D team which consists of numerous professors from the University.

We are a leading international LED display and façade lighting developer and manufacturer. We have completed numerous LED lighting projects including, Beijing The Bird’s Nest (Beijing) , Haixinsha Olympic Stadium (GZ), K11 Tower (GZ), Grand Lisboa Hotel & Casino (Macau), Shun Tak Centre (Hong Kong), New York Times Square’s LED display wall (U.S.A).

Website: Wing Fok Funeral Home 永福殯儀館

Wing Fok Funeral Home

2020 Outstanding Family Business Award

禮譽葬儀規劃(Courtesy Funeral Planning)是永福殯儀館旗下專注提供流動式殯葬規劃的服務團隊,由永福殯儀館第三代代表羅偉立先生所成立。




Website: Tai Po Chun Hing Ltd. 大埔振興有限公司

Tai Po Chun Hing Ltd.

2019 Outstanding Family Business Award



新一代掌舵人深明「大埔振興」品牌肩負著創辦人對食品製造的理想及信念,品牌發展成為公司發展核心,除把 進行商標註冊;更進行品牌推廣,於2009-2010年間參與全港最受歡迎的食品展覽,並推出「1元100粒肉丸」及「1元1隻龍蝦」震撼食品界的宣傳,備受全港傳媒廣泛報導及大眾市民入場參與。


Website: Sun Fat Heung Food Products Ltd 新佛香食品有限公司

Sun Fat Heung Food Products Ltd
新佛香食品有限公司 (壹品豆品)

2015 Outstanding Family Business Award


自家味道 本士製造: 壹品豆品是百份百香港製造,自家生產每日新鮮直送。確保每一支壹品豆漿,味道與質素就如坊間小店豆漿一樣新鮮好味。

嚴選上乘原料: 選用加拿大非機因改造大豆及有機大豆,豆味更香更濃郁。生產過程並無添加任何防腐劑及化學物,成份就是黃豆、水和糖(原味)。

壹品豆品起源: 壹品豆品的故事應由1996年說起,當時由第二代掌舵人羅孟慶先生接手時, 已知道面對的是一個夕陽工業,羅先生明到做豆腐的原理不難,要知道如何改良創新才是關鍵,所以在2007年創立了 ”壹品豆漿” 這個品牌,由最初的由全人手制作的豆腐, 到全自動化機械式大量生產,並將產品重新定位、重新出發及提供不同種類的豆製品, 務求令大眾有更多選擇。

一、100% 香港製造

Past Awardees List 過往得獎企業:

Outstanding Family Business Award

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