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2022 JCI Hong Kong National President

Senator Karen Yeung

NP’s Message to JCI Tsuen Wan

Another remarkable year has commenced, and I congratulate President Man Fung and his board of directors of JCI Tsuen Wan is now in office.

I was a science student. The first thing I learnt about energy is “energy cannot be created or destroyed”. Energy can only be transferred from one form to another, and that could be in the form of heat, light, sound, etc. I am not going to give a science lesson, instead, I am interested in elaborating how energetic transformation take place in JCI.

How much energy we need to grow?

We all look for development opportunities in JCI, and we always accept challenges that are out of our competence. We need a lot of passion in what we are doing and what we believe, and when the passion is strong enough, such energy will transform into action and it can initiate magic power to attract luck and helping hands.

How much time we can spend in JCI?

Time is also like energy, we cannot create extra time to use, or we cannot make our day shorter. What we learnt in JCI is to master our time management, so that to make every minute meaningful.

President Man Fung noticed this theory and I believe that he can lead JCI Tsuen Wan by igniting members’ passion to grow. And JCI Hong Kong will also encourage members to step out of their comfort zone, take the lead and be the change.

In 2022, JCI Hong Kong will be hosting the JCI World Congress by the year end, and that would be another great opportunity for members to obtain new project experience. Here I encourage you to get ready for this exciting event, and leave yourselves a room to participate. The bigger challenge, the more opportunities that you can take, and I am sure that we can rock the show!

2022 National President
Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

2022 National President Junior Chamber International Hong Kong